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Nurse Practitioner Council of Miami-Dade

Message from the President of the Nurse Practitioner Council of Miami-Dade Inc.

Posted over 1 year ago by Jessica Macintyre

Good afternoon members, colleagues, and supporters of the Nurse Practitioner Council of Miami-Dade Inc.,

I was honored to be appointed by previous President and Vice President of this Council, Daniel Little and Henry Henao to continue to lead this Council and want to thank them for their service and dedication in keeping this Council running. I am also humbled to receive such great support from our AANP representative Jacinto Garrido. Additionally, I have been blessed to meet and talk with so many of our long standing members that have contributed greatly to this Council for many years and want to see it succeed.

To provide you some background, I am a proud Alumni of both University of Miami and FIU. I currently work at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer in various roles clinically and administratively. Last year I developed along side Maritza Alencar the first nurse practitioner oncology fellowship program in the State of Florida, one of nine in the United States. I am also a past president of the Miami Dade Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society, the largest in Florida with over 200 members. I am a firm believer in the independent practice of nurse practitioners and look forward to making an impact in  the culture of how we are viewed and utilized. I also am very passionate about the development and mentorship of new nurse practitioners.

My purpose in reaching out to you today is to not only introduce myself to you but to also provide you an update on where we are in rebuilding the Council to being a powerful voice of advocacy for advance practice nurses not only in Miami-Dade but in all of Florida. Currently, Board members have been identified in all needed positions according to the Bylaws. We met on August 14th, 2017. During this meeting Board members were appointed and approved, and the Bylaws were revised. The revised Bylaws have since been approved and posted on the members only website section for your perusal. I am currently meeting with various members to develop three important committees: Education, Community Outreach, and Legislative/Advocacy. In addition, Board members will be meeting again to discuss location and details of the Fall general members meeting. We will update you on this once logistics are finalized. We welcome suggestions on location as we know many come from various areas around Miami-Dade.

I want to thank the Board members that answered the call to lead this Council as representatives of your needs and goals.

The Board Members appointed were:

  • Adrienne Vazquez -Vice President/Chair of Education Committee
  • Mark Fonseca-Treasurer
  • Evelyn Wempe-Secretary/Chair of Legislative and Advocacy Committee
  • Maritza Alencar-Director At Large (will also oversee Nominating Committee)
  • Advisor from AANP-Jacinto Garrido
  • Advisors to the Council-Daniel Little and Henry Henao

I also want to thank Dr. Charles Buscemi for his continued support in connecting us via various Social Media outlets.

We will be posting bios and photos of our Board members so you can familiarize yourself with them.

Again, I want to thank you for your continued support of the Council and hope you can motivate your colleagues to join. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in joining a committee or if you would like to discuss other opportunities within the Council.


Jessica MacIntyre